Bitcoin Valley, 04-12-2018

#Livinginbitcoin: Italy on the international podium

Italy: from the "taillight" to the international Bitcoin podium

Based on data provided by Coinmap, The Block analysts conducted a study to identify the countries where Bitcoin payments are most popular. A pleasant surprise also emerges for our country, where between Bitcoin Valley and Terraforming people started to think and try what it means #livinginbitcoin!

Would you like to know the results on a global scale?

To date, 13 thousand companies work with cryptocurrencies and in particular with Bitcoin: 35.1% in the Shopping sector (purchases / expenses); 19.9% ​​in the catering world (foodstuffs) and 13.5% through ATM services (cryptocurrency counters-converters). More than 50% of these activities began accepting bitcoin payments between 2013 and 2015, with a vital trend of the last 5 years that sees 2014 and 2017 as the years of greater adoption (+ 2500 bitcoin all-time adoptions) 'year).

Finally, the data shows that Italy is third in the world after the United States of America (26.6%) and Brazil (5.1%) in the global ranking of countries that accept payments in bitcoins with 4.7 % of adoptions.

What to add?

We hope that these results can only be the beginning of an even more fertile 2019 in the spread of #livinginbitcoin from the Bitcoin Valley to every area of ​​Italy.

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