Bitcoin Valley, 11-12-2018

Lighter - The Lightning Network Wrapper (powered by inbitcoin):
the Bitcoin Valley 2.0 tool explained by our developers to Cryptonomist

The announcement was given on Twitter: "inbitcoin released Lighter, an open source software for developers of App on Lightning Network (LN)".

"The off-chain will soon be the preferred system in everyday life". With this declaration inbitcoin presented to the Bitcoin world the result of an activity of R&D 2018 aimed at developing tools for the citizen and the merchant who use Bitcoin , both for the community itself of Bitcoin developers.

Lighter is the 1st product created by inbitcoin and published open source for the benefit of Bitcoin developers, to facilitate and improve the work on Lightning Network.

"The existing tools before Lighter required an investment of high resources to be used in projects that aim at a complete set of features in building Lightning Network applications, so we create a new one that would provide a scalable solution to a common need to all Lightning Network application developers".

And that is how inbitcoin deepens with Cryptonomist the features of Lighter - the Lightning Network Wrapper.

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