Pordenone _ 25-10-2018

► SAVE THE DATE _  Bitcoin Maximalism: Bcademy and Meetup Bitcoin Pordenone ◄

Opportunities for meetings arise from the inbitcoin Ecosystem!

We invite you to the usual Bitcoin Pordeone Meetup, organized by Bcademy and Comproeuro Pordenone with the participation of Giacomo Zucco (BHB-BlockchainLab CEO, Bitcoin Evangelist) as guest of the evening.

The event is scheduled for Thursday 25 October 2018 from 19.30 to 21.00 at the historic Villa Cattaneo, in Via Villanova di Sotto 16, in Pordenone.

At the event Giacomo will speak on the latest Bitcoin innovations: Lightning Network, the technological implementation that will lead us to faster, cheaper and more efficient bitcoin transactions; and the RGB Protocol: "an attempt to coordinate and stimulate the most serious and credible Bitcoin community around the theme of Bitcoin-based digital assets", presented at the Building on Bitcoin Conference (Lisbon, 2018).

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