Bitcoin Valley, 07-12-2018

Bitcoin Magazine returns to its roots: Bitcoin maximalism to revolutionize the world

Tuesday, December 4, 2018, Bitcoin Magazine (with its company, BTC Inc) published a tweet announcing the decision to find again in its activity and with the world Bitcoin community a return to the original spirit with which the protocol was born of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin has spread.

Before the advent of the companies, before investor entry.

What was the desire of the Bitcoin Community and why is this technology important?

And that's how they replied:

"For us at Bitcoin Magazine (and our parent company, BTC Inc), the answer lies in the genesis of Bitcoin, before stacks of credit cards diverted the attention of the community.We are here for nothing less than for a revolution. Complete reinvention of monetary and financial systems, designed for a digital world in which legacy systems become non-competitive and irrelevant.

A value system for all people in the world where potential is not limited by regulation, but rather where regulation is bound by potential. A world in which the freedom to create value and transactions is innate as the freedom to think and speak. A world in which a great idea can raise a trillion dollars in one night and start a business is as painless as possible to create an account on social media. A world in which digital value is accessible as digital communication is already and a world in which 80% of people living below $ 10 a day can access the tools necessary to lift themselves from poverty. We are here for the revolution. This is the promise of Bitcoin, just waiting to come true. "

We team of inbitcoin together with the community of Bitcoin Valley, we can only support and collaborate in the rediscovery of this spirit with which Bitcoin was brought to the light of the world and in the hands of people, to "expand the intellectual frontier of Bitcoin, educate the new users on the philosophical principles that support the system, cultivate and support future generations of Bitcoin leaders, spread the knowledge of Bitcoin's usefulness and show its progress, improve the access of developers to the revision and contribute to the code, improve the inter-industry of communication and, perhaps the most important thing, MAKING BITCOIN FUN AGAIN ".

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